That’s a man, man.

Well, another Olympics is in the books which means the positive drug tests are soon to follow.  And right on cue, the first medal was stripped today.  Shot putter Nadzeya Ostapchuk of Belarus was relieved of the gold medal due to a positive test for a steroid called metenolonea.  Ostapchuk is pictured here:

Nadzeya Ostapchuk of Belarus (Icon SMI)

What leads me to write about what is just the first in a long list of disgraced athletes?  It’s because Ms. Ostapchuk was the gold medalist for the women’s shot put.  Go ahead and take a second look at the picture.  You know you want to.

It goes unsaid that I’ll never grace the cover of GQ, and this isn’t about Ms. Ostapchuk’s looks per se.  But if the picture had been captioned with “Denver Broncos defensive end Nadzeya Ostapchuk”, I would had never have given it a second thought.  My first reaction was to assume that the web site where I noticed this had mistakenly attached a picture of a different athlete.  A quick Google search confirmed that is indeed Ms. Ostapchuk.  Just when I think this week’s nightmares would come from watching too much of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, this comes along.

In today’s world, where performance enhancing drugs are at the center of many sporting conversations, what would possibly make someone think they could pull this off?  When she walked into the testing room, I bet they just checked off “positive”, and the actual blood draw became a formality. Now while I’m sure Ms. Ostapchuk feels that losing her medal is a real kick in the crotch, she deserves whatever she gets.  Thanks to her audacity, another medalist was robbed of her chance to stand on the podium and hear her country’s anthem.

If I ever meet Ms. Ostapchuk in person, I’ll be happy to share my thoughts directly with her.  I’ll just make sure my will is updated first.