More Questions for Manning

I just watched the press conference where the Broncos announced Peyton Manning as their new quarterback.  As expected, there was not enough time to answer all of the questions.  If I was there, though, here are some of the questions I would like to have asked:

Q: Sorry, but am I the only one in the room who thought we were getting Eli?

Q: Peyton, you realize that we had John Elway so your cute, little one title means nothing to us?

Q: Did the Nene trade help or hurt your decision to come to Denver?

Q: How soon until you can start working with your running backs on practicing the spread option?

Q: Man, that recruiting process must have been a real pain in the neck, oops.  Too soon?

Q: You realize that unless you make it to the conference finals, you will have done the same or worse than Tim Tebow?

Q: Is that huge forehead where you store your extra football brains?

Q: We had a quarterback who got us to the second round of the playoffs in his first season as a starter, but now we’re trying to trade his ass to Jacksonville for a 7th round pick.  How do you like that kind of pressure?

Q: You know that just because you signed doesn’t mean we will stop stalking you, right?

Q: Now that the ink has dried, did you know that last week was 40 degrees above normal?  It’s usually snowy and cold well into June.

If you think of any others, feel free to enter them as a comment to this article.  Love to hear some good ones.

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