Peyton Days

Pretty clear at this point that Peyton Manning will be a free agent in the next couple of weeks.  Colts Owner Jim Irsay is pointing to a Wednesday sit down with Manning, but I strongly suspect this is just to deflect the issue until after the Super Bowl passes.  Even if Manning was 100% healthy, I’d still let him go and move to the Andrew Luck era.  With the powerhouses we’ve seen emerge this season, the Colt’s are unlikely to win a title in the next three years, regardless of who their QB is.

Last night, Irsay was interviewed by the NFL Network and said, “If it helps us win, I’ll pay [Manning’s $28 million bonus] in a second. But when it comes to salary cap … we have real cap problems.  You can’t make a decision that straps you for the next three seasons…If we make a decision based on just affection, and we have cap problems for three years, the fans will call me an idiot.”  He should have said either “no comment” or “we’re cutting Manning”.  That was just saying it without saying it.

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