Et tu, Billups?

Chauncey, Chauncey, Chauncey.  Well if anyone was going to have a flukishly good game to sink the Nuggets at home, I guess I’m glad it was him.  For the season, Billups is averaging 16 points per game on 36% shooting.  Last night, he scored 32 on 55% shooting.  He even went 50% (6/12) from three-point land.  Crazy game.  Good for him.  But I hope the law of averages catches him on Thursday.

Other thoughts on last night’s game:

The NBA still needs to address the flopping problem.  Both sides were in rare form, and several key calls appeared to be influenced by flopping defenders.  The rules say that flopping can be called as a technical foul, and since 2008 the league can fine players for flopping.  But, I can’t remember the last time I saw the foul called, and if anyone has actually been fined for this, please put in a call to Sergey Brin.  Google is apparently the last to know.  I have to believe David Stern is OK with the trend, since the rules exist but are never enforced.  Until the league actually does something, there will continue to be no disincentive for a player who has been beaten or on a mismatch to try a flop.  Nothing against the players. It’s pro sports; if the ref doesn’t call it, you take advantage of it.  Teach sportsmanship in high school; NBA players are there to put (lots of) bread on their (large, gold plated) tables.

I’ve tweeted on this other topic, but the Denver Nuggets Dancers are a few $1 bills away from becoming pole dancers.  Far be it from me to complain about their ever-shrinking wardrobe.  You go, girls.  But their style of dancing has passed from the realm of family-friendly entertainment and into the area of Shotgun Willie’s.  I can appreciate an attractive woman just as much as the next guy, but a team of barely clad bumpers-and-grinders just made me embarrassed for the fans with small kids.  If at the next game, they come out on the floor to reenact a soapy, shower scene, I won’t be totally surprised.  Tim Tebow was courtside for the game, and I could see why he stepped away before the Dancers started their half time show.

The Nuggets have a big week to start a huge month.  Before they go to bed on Saturday, they will play the Clippers, Memphis and Portland on the road.  Plus they get to play the Lakers, although that one is at home.  Maybe the Kobe will be distracted by the Nuggets Dancers.

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