Running of the Bull

At the risk of ruining my reputation as a fact and numbers driven being, I will make this public admission.  I love the New York Post.  Wonder why?  First, go, and let me know what you see. Actually, I’ll save you the time.  It’s full of headlines that can be translated to read “Newt Gingrich Has A Decent Shot At Being Your Next President” or “If You Thought Auschwitz Sounded Bad, Wait Until You Hear About  The World You’re Leaving For Your Kids”.   Now, check out  I’ll wait…

See?  Today the headline is “Demi’s ‘Bull’ Binge: Actress Guzzled Gallons of Energy Drink Before Collapse: Report”.  (I love that they finished with the “Report”, by the way.  Nice touch.  Very breaking newsy.)  But The Post is not your ordinary tabloid.  Sure the lead is about a plasticized actress who pounds energy drinks, but keep this in mind.  They have a separate section (Page Six) that is dedicated to updates on entertainment and celebrities.  That means that the editors at the Post see the Demi story as actual news.  What fun!

So go ahead and depress yourself with CNN or Fox News telling you how much the worlds sucks, the country sucks, the democrats or republicans suck, etc.  In fact the only good news you’ll find over there is that cell phones are slowly killing us so we’ll all die of brain tumors before the world starts to totally suck.  Me?  I’ll stick to the NY Post.  The day’s world events are buried in there somewhere, so if you want a dose of reality you got it.  But nothing cheers you up more than while your life may be in shambles, at least you are not an aging starlet with a very public addition to soft drinks.  Thank you NY Post.  I feel better already.

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